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Skin Problems

In skin problems Ayursparsh deals with many skin disease in them some are as follow, Psoriasis, Acne problem, Fungal infection, Skin darkening (Tan), Marks on skin, etc.. Allergic dermatitis urticaria, Hives, Eczema, Hyperpigmentation. At our Ayursparsh treatment modalities for skin problem deals with external therapies to the detoxification panchakarma therapies. In external therapies include face massage , face packs (Herbs) which are customized to individual nature. Panchakarma treatments may involve purgation ( virechana ), Emesis therapy (Vamana), Nasya (Nasal therapy). etc.

In some of skin problems stress is also culprit in aggravating the condition of skin problems. so, stress management treatments also done such as shirodhara , shirobasti etc.. For acne, Pimples, Hyperpigmentation etc.. Ayursparsh gives personalized or customized facewash , Face pack, Creams, Serums etc.. Also provide diet advises for skin problems.

Hair Problems

In hair related issues, we deal with Hair fall control, Dandruff, Grey hair(Premature), Scalp psoriasis, Pimples on scalp, etc. Treatment involve panchakarma therapies like purification or detoxification, Nasyam, Vamana (emesis) therapy. Treatments also include Shiro abhyanga and shirolepa. Shamanoushadhi ie internal medication also include in the treatment. But the treatments will be decided on the basis of the nature of disease and nature of person etc.. Factors.

Joint Problems

Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gouty arthritis, Joint pains, AVN etc.. problems of joints treatments given at Ayursparsh. Treatment modalities includes oral medication. Panchakarma treatments – Depending on the patient body nature and disease nature, treatments are planned.

Panchakarma treatments – Depending on the patient body nature and disease nature, treatments are planned. Such as,

Spine Problems

In spine related problems Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Muscle Spasm, Frozen Shoulder, Disc bulge, Sciatica etc.. conditions of the spine are treated at Ayursparsh.

Treatment modalities – May include

We also deals with Physiotherapies, Exercises and diet advise.

Gynecological Problems

Ayursparsh deals with Gynecological problems like white discharge (Leucorrhoea), Heavy bleeding (Metrorrhagia), Pain during menses, PCOD, Infertility, etc.. Treatment modalities in Gynecological problems deals with investigation Panchakarma and oral medicines. Which Panchakarma or Treatment. Again treatment include detoxification or if local problems are these then local treatments such as medicinal washes, Herbal decoction washes, Lifestyle modification, Dietary advise, Weight loss management  etc..

Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases are defined as disorders associated with way people live their lives. Stroke heart diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hormonal imbalance are some of the common lifestyle diseases. Ayursparsh with holistic approach, it helps to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases, By providing an ultimate solution in the form of healthy lifestyle approaches, Proper dietary management, Detoxification and Rejuvenation to get rid of various lifestyle diseases. The lifestyle diseases are managed by Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Vihara, Vyayama etc..
Panchakarma – to detoxifying the body.


Hypertension is attributed to multiple factors including stress, Faulty dietary habits and distributed lifestyle. Ayursparsh provides a holistic approach towards disease management. We not only provide pharmacological treatment but also address psychological and behavior aspect through yoga, dietary correction and lifestyle management.

Diabetes mellitus type - 2

Diabetes has gained disgrace in recent times as it is fast becoming the worlds largest silent killer, It is mainly a life style disease. Ayursparsh provides a overall approach towards the disease management by providing dietary chart, Pranayama and exercises, advises.