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Lifestyle Diseases: Prevention & Cure through Ayurveda

There are two fundamental aspects of good health in Ayurveda. The first is to prevent diseases through the preservation of the harmony and balance of a healthy body. Like that the other is to cure the disease through healing therapies and treatments. Lifestyle diseases, also known as ‘non-communicable diseases’ or ‘chronic lifestyle diseases are growing rapidly. This now includes insomnia, heart disease as well as diabetes mellitus. It also includes dyslipidaemia (Excess lipids in the bloodstream), high blood pressure, and obesity.

Ayurveda can control these as it looks at the overall health of the body by addressing a condition and not just the condition itself. If you are looking for a hormonal imbalance treatment, Ayurveda offers the best options.

Ayur Sparsh considers the health and well-being of a person as the sum of various factors. It is the sum total of an individual’s physical activities and the environment. Additionally, ayurvedic treatment for hormonal imbalance also considers mental and emotional activity, the seasons, and how the body reacts. In short, good health in Ayurveda is a multi-layered concept. Ayur Sparsh provides the best ayurvedic medicine for hormonal imbalance in females. 

Ayursparsh with a holistic approach, helps to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases, by providing an ultimate solution in the form of healthy lifestyle approaches, Proper dietary management, Detoxification, and Rejuvenation to get rid of various lifestyle diseases. The lifestyle diseases are managed by Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Vihara, Vyayama, etc, and Panchakarma to detoxify the body.

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