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Ayurvedic Spine treatment in Dharwad

Ayur Sparsh is a leading ayurvedic clinic that provides the best and most reliable spine problems treatment in dharwad. Highly skilled and experienced Ayur Sparsh doctors welcomes you to the world of authentic Ayurveda that provides frozen shoulder Ayurveda treatment, treatment for disc problem and best ayurvedic oil for slip disc.

Ayur Sparsh is a traditional Ayurveda treatment center that offers panchakarma treatment for frozen shoulder, where the ancient practices meet the comfort of the modern age without compromising on the quality prescribed in the ancient texts.

Ayur Sparsh is an authentic Ayurvedic back pain treatment center located in Dharwad, Karnataka. We offer effective back pain treatment under the supervision of highly qualified doctors and practitioners. Ayur Sparsh is an authorized and certified Ayurvedic treatment center with highly experienced physicians and practitioners. Ayurveda also offers various Panchakarma treatments for rejuvenation.

In spine-related problems, we deal with Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Muscle Spasm, Frozen Shoulder, Disc bulge, Sciatica, and disc bulge treatment in Ayurveda Treatment modalities may include:
Kati basti
Greera basti
Nadi sweda - Local steaming
Prusta basti
Medicated enemas
Bhaspasweda - Whole body steam
Bhaspasweda - Whole body steam
Nasya - Panchakarma
Abhyanga - Sthanik ( local massage)
Sarvanga (whole body)

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