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Treatment of PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) is possible nowadays. To know how, go through this blog, stressing the natural ways to balance hormone levels in people dealing with PCOD.

Polycystic ovarian disease or disorder (PCOD) is a medical condition that refers to the hormonal imbalance in women. The disturbance in hormone levels in women can lead to the release of immature or partially mature eggs that turn into cysts during ovulation. The partially mature eggs that evolve in the cyst also result in enlarged ovaries. PCOD occurs due to poor lifestyle, stress, and obesity and can lead to irregular periods, fertility issues, and skin issues.

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Symptoms and Causes of PCOD

Women dealing with polycystic ovarian disorder may experience some of the following signs and symptoms:
• Irregular menstrual cycle is one of the most common signs of PCOD in females. If it lasts for many years it may lead to fertility problems.
• Heavy bleeding during periods
• Male-pattern facial and body hair
• Visible signs of acne growth on the face and male-pattern baldness
• The development of multiple cysts on the ovaries results in swelling and affects the normal functioning of the ovaries.

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Causes of PCOD

As of now, no clear causes have been detected for polycystic ovarian diseases, but some factors are responsible for PCOD problems in females.
• Production of excess amounts of androgen by the ovaries
• An unhealthy diet and lifestyle
• Hormone-altering medicine
• Genetic predisposition
• Low-grade inflammation
• Excess androgen production

Treatment of PCOD: How to Balance Hormones Naturally?

Ayurveda believes that PCOD occurs due to an imbalance in the doshas of the body known as Kapha and Vita. Disorders in the dosha can lead to an imbalance in the functioning of ovulation. PCOD is a result of hormonal imbalance; therefore, balancing the hormones naturally helps in the management of PCOD.
Several natural ways can help manage and lessen the symptoms of PCOD. Let’s discuss some of the ways, including therapies, diet, and lifestyle modifications, to manage this disorder.

01. Panchakarma
Panchakarma is a natural therapy that completely removes toxins from the body and mind. This process improves health and promotes the self-healing power of the body. Panchakarma treatment of PCOD includes various cleaning procedures, mainly Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, and Raktamokshana. After all these procedures, your body gets rejuvenated, as this process reduces weight and restores the menstrual cycle and ovulation. It also provides strength to the reproductive organs, such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, and vagina, and helps balance the hormone levels in the body.

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02. Maintain a healthy diet.
By eating a healthy diet, you can regulate the insulin level and also manage the hormone levels in your body. Foods like whole grains, wheat, fruits, and legumes should be taken by women dealing with polycystic ovarian disorder. These types of foods do not contain artificial sugars and are free from preservatives, which helps in PCOD control.

03. Do physical exercises.
For a healthy body, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle; therefore, it is necessary to do physical exercises that help reduce stress and balance weight. As the calories are burned during exercise, it helps to keep the insulin levels under control.

04. Avoid junk
Oily and fatty foods are the biggest contributor to weight gain and the reason for the abnormal functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, it is essential to avoid junk food.

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05. Manage stress
Stress can be a great source of hormonal imbalance in women with PCOD. Try some relaxation techniques that can help reduce the stress. Try practising relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga that can help alleviate the stress and leave your body and mind peaceful.


Polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD) is a condition in which cysts are formed in the ovaries. Women with PCOD can experience symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, male pattern baldness, and fertility complications.

There are certain natural ways available, such as managing stress, eating a well-balanced diet, and reducing consumption of fatty foods, that can help contribute to the management of PCOD.

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